December 2003/January 2004
Stylus Magazine by Rob Vaarmeyer

The Antigravity Project
Annuit Corruptus

I confess. I am guilty. I shot JFK. I covered up Roswell. ME. Rob Vaarmeyer. This is my confession. Alien abductions. Illuminazis. Big Brother. I'm behind it all. I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids: The Antigravity Project. This is in no way a confession to having anything to do with the making of Annuit Corruptus; they did that all by themselves. A mixture of prog-driven grooves, thought-provoking geo-political vision and a German drinking song, the album is tight and finely produced by people from this very community. This one is easy - go to an Antigravity Project performance. They have a passion for holding the pocket, and invite musicians to jam regularly. Drummer Peter Baureiss is a great driving addition to the line-up, with Brad Fenwick on bass and Basil Ganglia on guitar. My friends - people I know and love - made this record. I admit I am completely biased toward The Antigravity Project, yet I can vouch for its quality and veracity to the greatest possible extent that a reviewer may. This is one seriously talented and brilliant group of people. Buy this record. The Antigravity Project would tell you not to listen to me, but to find out for yourself. (Progspiracy Music,