November 27, 2003
The Uptown Magazine by Editor John Kendle

The Antigravity Project
Annuit Corruptus
(Progspiracy Music)


Whew. The name of the record company says it all. At an hour long, this progressive rock project is a real workout, both intellectually and musically. The first of a proposed series from mainman Brad Fenwick, Annuit Corruptus is a maze of lyrics about alienation, aliens and the sinister threats of a world gone mad with the perpetuity of power for the few. At least, thatís what I could discern after a listen to the album and a visit to the website (full lyrics are online). For casual listeners, this isnít the most inviting stuff in the world ó but it is well-considered and its neo-í70s marriage of free-form jazz (replete with sax and flute) and funky rock íní roll can be quite engaging at times.