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Basil Ganglia

Guitars, Keyboards, Voices, Heresies

Once upon a time, there was a strange noise. The noise was comprised of pure energy, without substance or form. This noise desired to make itself manifest, so it searched the cosmos for a suitable environment in which it could take on shape.

It discovered a world inhabited by language and tool-using primates. Long ago, extraterrestrial visitors to this world had modified the ancestors to these primates, adding some of their own qualities to create a hybrid life form with a larger brain and the capacity for four-dimensional consciousness. The noise rejoiced, knowing it would be able to make itself manifest through such a life form.

The noise studied the hybrid primates' world, history, and culture, and selected a fairly quiet place where it could take form and go about its business. It entered into a new hybrid primate life form, and became part of its consciousness. This hybrid primate developed strangely, unlike most of its species. It was often detached and somewhat remote from the things that seemed to concern so many of the other hybrid primates, preferring instead to tune in to abstractions and ideas that seemed quite strange to its fellows. Eventually, it came to understand something of its unusual nature, and chose to call itself Basil Ganglia.

The Basil Ganglia hybrid primate had always felt a strong affinity for music, and as it grew, it set about learning how to operate musical instruments. When the primate body entered its adolescence, it developed an appreciation for rock music, and adopted the guitar as a primary instrument of choice. It began to collaborate with other hybrid primates which were themselves drawn to musical expression.

The task which the strange noise/hybrid primate had set for itself would not be an easy one. The hybrid primates inhabiting this world were under constant attack by extraterrestrial beings which sought to undermine the potential inherent in their creation. These extraterrestials devised schemes to prevent the hybrid primates from developing their four-dimensional consciousness, for without this consciousness, the primates had no direct awareness of the extraterrestrials. The invaders could thus invisibly manipulate the primates, and over centuries had created elaborate religious and political structures to prevent the primates from developing their potential, and to keep them in bondage.

The noise would have to resist this extraterrestrial agenda in order to carry out its intentions on this world. Thus in addition to seeking out musical collaborators, it also sought out other hybrid primates which sought to develop their four-dimensional consciousness, intelligently questioned the control structures, or shared the noise/hybrid's boundless appetite for knowledge and understanding. Eventually it met the Brad Fenwick hybrid primate and the DINAC hybrid primate, who called themselves The Antigravity Project.

The Basil Ganglia hybrid primate now functions as part of the Antigravity Project musical collective. Within this role, it operates a variety of musical instruments, especially guitars and keyboards, and sometimes makes noises with its voice. It also assists in composing, developing, and orchestrating the music of the collective, and assists in developing concepts, lyrics, and storylines to accompany the music.

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