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Brad Fenwick: photo by Paulette LaFortune on May 20 - 2005
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Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics, Graphic & Web Design

Brad was born in the summer of 1969, a very interesting time in history. He started learning guitar at age 9 and has been playing ever since. Around age 13 he also took a keen interest in writing poetry, short stories, and by 17 graduated to essay writing on subjects of science, philosophy, and anthropology. It was also around then that he got his first electric guitar and started writing rock, blues, and folk songs that explored these subjects. University kept Brad busy studying a major in computer science and a minor in philosophy for the next few years. Around age 26 Brad joined his first band, "The Imps of the Perverse" (Noah Baird, Jason Malloy, Denny Moznar). Up until then, Brad was primarily a guitarist but he was asked to fill the Bassist spot in this band so he quickly learned their songs and bass technique in a couple of weeks. Brad fell in love with the bass and although he still plays guitar he chooses to play bass for his current music projects.

In 1998 Brad and the drummer Denny Moznar (DINAC) from the now folded Imps band formed and began co-writing music for what Brad named Antigravity. In 1999 Basil Ganglia joined the project and rounded it out by playing and writing for the guitar and synthesizer. By this point Brad's bass playing was evolving and he was now getting into some serious fusion playing. His favorite style forms to play would be groove oriented funk like some of the bass playing in Zappa's work, ambient dub like in Bill Laswell's work, technical styles of King Crimson, Genesis, and Yes, progressive jazzy fusion as in Weather Report, punctual like Tool and Primus, and his own blend of Classical, Eastern, Jazz-fusion, and diminished scales. Never one for playing covers, Brad almost exclusively experiments with original compositions. With the full-on progressive rock style of Antigravity the potential of orchestral and compositional writing is realized and the improvisational funk-jazz-classical grooves also come alive. In music Brad knows there is a time for highly structured parts and songs which stimulate the intellect on a purely musical level. And then there is the need for more emotionally powerful music that grooves and moves without seeming to have the so-called logical structure. And also not surprising is Brad's lyric writing which draws from his deep interest in the state of the universe (the sciences) and the state of the world (philosophy and anthropology).

In 2005 Brad was asked to join a new band as the bass player called Spectral Echoes with two of the original members of the Imps of the Perverse (Denny Moznar, Jason Malloy) and guitarist Chris Verogos. This band has a unique rock sound with powerful emotion underlying the creative songwriting of Malloy.

So with two bands on the go in 2006 Brad is enjoying the many creative opportunities to explore composition, playing, writing, & recording.

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