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Peter Baureiss

Peter Baureiss

Peter Baureiss
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Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting, Arrangement.

Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Peter Baureiss has been playing music for a large part of his life and has always been interested in an eclectic variety of genres, fusing his diverse tastes into a style very much his own.

Classical guitar lessons at an early age paved the way to Peter's musical world, leading to a broader selection of instruments and a veritable smorgasbord of drums and percussive toys. This voyage of discovery inspired the appreciation of various genres of ethnic music, specifically African, Middle Eastern, and East Indian. Peter continues his formal study of Classical Indian Tabla, which he has integrated into his variety of sounds. He has performed at various events and fundraisers over the years, presented by such organizations as 'The India School of Dance, Music & Theatre', the 'Association of Pakistani Canadians', the 'Indo Caribbean Cultural Association', and the 'WUSC Student Refugee Sponsorship Program', and has played to such notaries as the Mayor of Winnipeg, and the Minister of Multiculturalism.

This landed him a position in local aboriginal supergroup "Burnt", lending his Djembe, Tabla and percussion talents to the recording of their juno-nominated debut CD. Known for their dynamic and vibrant stage show, they were featured performing live in the local film 'Indian Time 3'. While in Burnt, Peter performed at the world-renowned Winnipeg Folk Festival, representing the East Indian component and joining onstage such luminaries as Hamid Baroudi and Madagascar Slim. After more than a year of heavy performing and touring, Peter and band parted ways due to creative and political differences.

It wasn't long before the spacey prog-rock outfit Antigravity snatched up this Renaissance man to join forces as their trippy beatkeeper, to round out the power trio and gain the reputation as a band that consistently performs stellar shows.

Aside from 'Antigravity', Peter is currently involved in more than a few other major projects in the Winnipeg music scene: For years, he held a regular weekly gig playing Classical East Indian in his Tabla and Sitar duo 'PB&J', entertaining diners at various local tandoori restaurants, as well as performing at various fundraisers and radio shows around town. He co-hosted a weekly open mic jam with infamous Winnipeg guitar afficionado and blues guy 'Tim Butler', at the 'Academy Bar and Eatery'. Peter remains a sought-after guest musician due to his seemingly relentless work-ethic and diverse musical background, joining onstage such acts as the groovy 'Four Roads Band', up-and-comers 'Spatula', 'Serena Postel', 'Josua Peters', and afrosoul musician, beat poet and author 'Arinze Eze'. As well, he has played kit with ambient dudes 'Absent Sound', has lent his Tabla skills to the 'Forgetful Jones' band's demo recording, and is the dedicated Djembe heartbeat of the 'Fire Pyxies' fire dancing group. On top of that, he provides hand-drum rythms for 'Winnipeg's School of Contemporary Dancers' and for the new and edgy 'Young Lungs Dance Exchange'.

With whatever spare time he has left, he continues to compose and produce his own original material in a solo recording effort. His latest album was broadcast live with an interview and performance on CKUW's 'Sunday Dinner' with host Rob Vaarmeyer.

From busking on street corners, to formal Indian socials, to workshops and performances at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, to radio, television, and movie appearances, to gala events in front of political dignitaries, Peter Baureiss enjoys playing music of all types to groups of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

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