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ANNUIT CORRUPTUS: Original art by DINAC, Design & Layout: K. Kiernan Graphic Design 03. Celestial Train Song (6:14) mp3

Brad Fenwick bass guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar, and tambourine
Basil Ganglia acoustic guitar, electric lead guitar, electric rhythm guitar, 12-string guitar and shaker
DINAC drums, clave, and voice
Ken Payne congas
Chris Conlin electric lead guitar during monologue
Karen Taylor flute
Bill Spornitz alto and tenor saxophones

As ever before: situation critical, complex primates grope for light within labyrinthian chaos called life.

Rips and gashes in the very fabric of their understanding, mammalian imperatives forever changed, stasis denied.

Industrialization gives way to information, the battle for the minds of vertical bipeds is more pressing than before.

The global power structure adapts; corporate subliminal advertising woven seamlessly into the very mesh of cyberspace, with the subversive opposition firmly in place, the leverage continually changes.

Guerilla information wars reach new levels of intensity.

Peace of mind in question, other celestial bodies are calling. The train has left the station.



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