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  01. Strategy of Tragedy I (Thesis)

  02. Paper Dolls mp3

  03. Celestial Train Song mp3

  04. Want To Believe mp3

  05. Secret Knowledge Thwarted

  06. Strategy of Tragedy II (Antithesis)

  07. Illuminazi

  08. Orwellian Nightmare Revealed

  09. WORLD:1, PEOPLE:0

  10. Omniceros

  11. Strategy of Tragedy III (Synthesis) mp3

...The proliferation of books, magazines, movies, documentaries, and internet self-publications of what are popularly referred to as 'conspiracy theories' was the inspiration for the album. The writing was completed over a period of a few years and recorded between 2001 and 2003. During this time, many world events have since unfolded that make the lyrical ideas eerily relevant...

May 1... What has this world become? From our simple origins of life striving to survive we have come to this. Most of the wealth of the world, and the power to shape the future is concentrated in the hands of so very few, and the rest of us are helpless in their thrall, and not even aware of our prison.

When Hegel wrote of the logic of Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis, he was describing how the conflict of opposites leads to the emergence of new knowledge, and new phenomena. This very same theory in the hands of the wealthy, the powerful, the shadow governments, becomes a tool of oppression, a means to secure power over those blind to their machinations. Create a problem and provide a solution and the people just fall in line with the plan.

Let us now construct our own thesis, in an effort to understand how all of this has come to be…

01. Strategy of Tragedy I (Thesis) (3:50) song info

May 3... If people would only wake up and see what's being done to them then maybe we'd have a chance! But they can't, or won't! Sometimes they seem barely human, brainwashed, robotized, like little automatons, or a string of paper dolls cut out by an insane child...

02. Paper Dolls (4:23) mp3song info

May 7... The other night I dreamed I was on a massive train, racing through the universe. Through my windows I could see many worlds, some much like ours, in varying stages of development. Some were thriving, some in crisis, and on some nothing remained but the ruins of civilizations that once were. Which fate awaits our little world? Sometimes I wish I could leave this world for one more sane...

03. Celestial Train Song (6:14) mp3song info

May 10... There is so much more in this world to be known than they would have us believe. They feed us an artificial reality of reassuring lies and half-truths to keep us docile and distracted - to keep us in our place and maintain their position of privilege over us. Anyone who sees through their plans is branded a heretic, a criminal, a madman, a terrorist!

04. Want To Believe (3:23) mp3song info

May 11... I know what I must do. I must make he world aware of their plans and manipulations! Once the secret knowledge is no longer secret, they will lose their power over us! The problem is how can I convince people of what they so desperately want not to believe? How do I convince people that I'm not a raving lunatic?

05. Secret Knowledge Thwarted (3:53) song info

May 13... I have become the Antithesis to the Thesis of their conspiracy. What can I do? I'm just one man, but I know there are others like me who will resist them to the end! We can change reality, one mind at a time. "jupiter omnipotens, audacibus annue coeptis" Indeed...

06. Strategy of Tragedy II (Antithesis) (1:57) song info

May 16... What will I do if they come for me? They hardly need a reason these days to make someone disappear. The public will believe any lie if they tell it with the right voice. In my mind, I can see and hear them singing and laughing as they crush the world under their boots...

07. Illuminazi (4:25) song info

May 18... Despite the huge obstacles and seemingly overwhelming odds, there is still hope! Hope in the potential of the human spirit to realize itself in the face of oppression! Despite their efforts to control things, the world is much more complex than even they can imagine, and their power depends on the continued passive acceptance of the people at large. I feel that a time will come when the shadow governments and their web of lies will be nothing but a quaint and confusing chapter in the history of a world long since evolved past their petty greed...

08. Orwellian Nightmare Revealed (16:14) song info

May 20... All of our grand designs - mine, 'theirs', anyone's - come to nothing without the Earth to sustain us. At the rate we're destroying natural resources, we may be facing a crisis soon that will render everything else irrelevant. Ah yes... Mother Earth aborts her unruly child! Will they finally give up their position of privilege and join in solidarity with the rest of humanity to solve the problem? Will they do something crazy like kill us all outright or try to escape in a spaceship? Sometimes they seem crazy enough to be capable of anything...

09. WORLD:1, PEOPLE:0 (5:30) song info

May 22... The more I think on this, the more overwhelmingly aware I become just how much we don't know. We have so many conflicting fragments of information, and we must work largely in the dark, in ignorance, if we are to work at all...

10. Omniceros (5:12) song info

May 23... But work we must, for if we don't strive to create the future, we shall have someone else's future imposed upon us!

11. Strategy of Tragedy III (Synthesis) (5:10) mp3song info

...Antigravity's next album is already formulating as a kind of sequel to this one, which attempts to address the question posed at the end in Strategy of Tragedy III: "What do we do now that we know... We have the choice... Where will we go?" Think of this album as chapter one of an ongoing book we are writing and this chapter deals with the complex anthropological issues underlying the power structures in place in our world throughout history and today. In an ideal world where musicians wouldn't need money from the sales of CDs, we would probably wait to finish the next two or three albums and release them all together so you could get more of the overall story or vision at once... but if the world were that ideal... this album would not have been conceived now would it?

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