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ANNUIT CORRUPTUS: Original art by DINAC, Design & Layout: K. Kiernan Graphic Design 11. Strategy of Tragedy III (Synthesis) (5:10) mp3

Brad Fenwick bass guitar and vocals
Basil Ganglia electric lead guitar, electric rhythm guitar and keyboard
DINAC drums
Ken Payne congas and djembe
Abdul Malik Said violin

The last song in our "Strategy of Tragedy" trilogy.

I can't believe what I have seen
Has this become some kind of dream?
Is this a lie all that I see?
I must break through this mystery

I have explored what I have found
Old legacies hanging around
Now here I wait counting each breath
Hoodwinked and slipshod and sentenced to death

Now I believe what I have seen
I know its more that just a dream
What do we do now that we know?
We have the choice, where will we go?



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