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ANNUIT CORRUPTUS: Original art by DINAC, Design & Layout: K. Kiernan Graphic Design 09. WORLD:1, PEOPLE:0 (5:30)

Brad Fenwick bass guitar, acoustic lead guitar, acoustic rhythm guitar, and vocals
Basil Ganglia electric lead guitar, electric rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, and synthesized bells
DINAC drums
Bill Spornitz tenor saxophone

Given time we will see, what this place will come to be.
The poles will shift and the earth will change, everything will rearrange.
When our home defeats us all, then we'll learn what it means to crawl.
Will the people ever wake up, or will they leave things so corrupt?

Paradise within our grasp, but we're so dumb we killed it fast.
Natives lived for thousands of years, now we drown in our own tears.
No more leaders to run to now, no one there to tell you how.
The Mayan calendar says it's near, is this how we disappear?

Raising cattle to feed the sheep, were killing rainforests to choke on meat.
So many illusions but no solutions, and every day there's more and more pollution.
The earth is dying and our leaders are lying, and when confronted they're still denying.
When she washes over all, there will be only one hero, that is why I say: it's world one, people zero.

And then the world gets the last say.
And the weather changes on that fateful day.
And then we'll see, we'll see the score; it's world one and people no more.



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