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ANNUIT CORRUPTUS: Original art by DINAC, Design & Layout: K. Kiernan Graphic Design 08. Orwellian Nightmare Revealed (16:14)

Brad Fenwick bass guitar, recorder, shakers, rain stick, and vocals, chant
Basil Ganglia electric lead guitar, electric rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, and monologue, chant
DINAC drums, bells, and vibraslap
Ken Payne congas
Chris Conlin harmonica, chant
Bill Spornitz alto and tenor saxophones and penny whistle
Every time it gets like this
few will dare to resist
Now it seems that this has been
some kind of evil Orwellian dream
Times have come and times have gone
what have we learned and what went wrong
Now I've seen what we have done
now I wanna see what we will become
Government deception will rule the day
but I won't let it end this way
And I wanna know... what is the truth?
cause everything is a matter of proof
Will the humans ever be free?
that'll be up to both you and me
Think for yourself and you'll be there
now wake up from this Orwellian nightmare.

Paradigms are shifting now
keep your feet upon the ground
Is novus ordo seclorum here?
are your hearts now filled with fear?
When it seems that we have lost
we must fight at any cost
Now the times are coming fast
stand up strong if you want to last.

Change is coming it's drawing near
the IMF will disappear
Don't let the eye see us all
then the secret government falls
Move it along now and give it a push
no Skull & Bones and no George Bush
Truth or fiction, what I've just said?
if I am right will we end up dead?

Illumined ones you think you know
you keep us down, won't let us grow
The human race is still too young
negative forces keep us dumb
I once heard from a friend
that our potential has no end
In this vast expanse of time
yes our spirits will steadily climb.



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