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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

In Town Hall Meeting style, at the Gas Station Theatre, 445 River Avenue, at 7 p.m. poster

A Media Panel will discuss the mainstream media's "Code of Silence" regarding the overwhelming evidence that the attacks of September 11th, 2001 were an "inside job." Speakers will include author and media critic Barrie Zwicker, veteran journalist and broadcaster Lesley Hughes, and former Winnipeg Free Press editorial columnist Dallas Hansen. Following the panel will be a performance by yours truly, The Antigravity Project!

In Annuit Corruptus, we wrote about concerns and conspiracies as they happened. With the Truth Movement platform now growing, we have new material and are searching for solutions to the truths we know. The truth is, we must talk to our family, friends and colleagues in order to remain optimistic about our community development and our responsibilities to Manitoba and Canada. Asking questions furthers our intelligence and stops assumptions. In this World that is 'at our fingertips' we must be mindful that we may be alienating our next door neighbors. The information Age is upon us, let it help us build tight relationships in our lives instead of pulling us apart at the foundations.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Earth Day Celebration & Annual Fundraiser @ the Pyramid Cabaret, 176 Fort St. poster

JUST Community Market Coop and the Organic Food Council of Manitoba present

An Earth Day Fundraiser at the Pyramid Cabaret
A Seed and Used Tool exchange from 5-7pm

Live show and spoken word slam inside.
The Antigravity Project, Madragaia, Rik Leaf from Tribe of One, John Weier joined in exposing all of your senses to wonderful things! There was a Night Time Bazaar on the patio with Artisans, Info booths, Busking and Poi. Door prize, 50/50 draw, and silent auction! For complete information please visit www.mysweetspotproductions.com

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

April Fools Gig in Starbuck Manitoba The Antigravity Project and our fellow creatologists had a Fools' Day Bash!

In Starbuck, Manitoba on March 31, 2007 around 7pm, we invited one and all to join in the frolicking! JUST Community Market COOP hosted this party to meet the locals as we are starting an organic vegetable greenhouse this summer in the area. Take a leap into the unknown!

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Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Old Market Square, Fringe Festival Outdoor Stage Show started around 11pm for a 45 minute set. Our theme was the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water. An great set consisting mostly of newer material. Sax player, Bill Spornitz, joined us for three songs as well... always a treat. Also thanks to Dean, Lisa, and Tanya of Fire Dance Productions for spinning fire for our closing song, and the whole troupe went on to spin fire after our set... they rock! The show was video taped by Doug Kretchmer of Video Freak Productions and photos were taken by our friend Nelson P Morrison. Thanks to all who came and who helped out.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Mona Lisa's, Corydon We played a stripped down, electric/acoustic, 30 minute show with Basil, Brad & Shannon. Bands and other musicians play throughout the night for 92 Citi's Tuesday music nights hosted live by Howard Mandshein of 92 CITI FM.

April 8th, 2006

Ragpickers, 216 McDermot Avenue We played in support of the International Anti-Genetically Modified Food day event at Mondragon from 10am-10pm. Thanks again to Jamie Christie, the organizer, of Moon Song Catering and Paulette LaFortune, Sweet Spot Productions, for inviting us and all their hard work to make the event and show great. Thanks also to Andrea Clements, Mike Moore, Nelson P. Morrison, Denny Moznar for their help on this day.

April 5th, 2006

Osborne Freehouse, 437 Stradbrook @ Osborne The Antigravity Project is back on the scene playing the Freehouse. This was an awesome party... Paulette LaFortune of Sweet Spot Productions celebrated her birthday, threw a Myspace.com party for the event and we had a great lineup of guest musicians to jam with us throughout the night. This was our first show of 2006 and the show was recorded live. The night featured new and slightly used Antigravity material, improv, and a wide range of guests and instrumentation throughout.

Guests who played: Bill Spornitz (sax & accordian), Tim Butler (guitar), Kristjanna Oleson (viola), Hamish Gavin (guitar), John Hudson (djembe), Keith Dyck (saz), Matt Sawatsky (guitar), David Cramer (harmonica)

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July 22-24, 2005

BryceFest, corner of Hwy 15 and Lewis Rd. BryceFest is an independent music festival with a mix of heavy rock and hip hop. We played early Saturday morning. Visit Brycefest.com for details.

Saturday, July 23, 2005
The Collective Cabaret, 108 Osborne Sweet Spot Productions presented COLLECTIVE CHAOS... Spectral Echoes, The Antigravity Project, and Special Ops.

Spectral Echoes played their very first show in Winnipeg. Brad (bass player for TAP) is also the bass for this new band!!! Perkins was added to the bill at the last minute and they rocked!!! Special Ops kicked ass!!! The audience was attentive and we even had a few people dancing when we played. Shannon Whitehead played flute with us. She was awesome. You'll be seeing more of her at our shows.

Thursday, June 30th, 2005
La Scala / Palermo Cabaret, 725 Corydon Avenue, brought to you by Fort Garry Brewing Co. Palermo Cabaret is a new music venue on the Corydon strip.

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

The Maharaj's Dinner Party, Exchange Event Centre, 111 Princess Street (at Bannatyne). Brad, Basil and Peter played with a collective of local musicians called 'of earth + sky'. Guests savoured seven courses of organic fare prepared by Chef Robin Maharaj while the musicians interpreted the dining experience live off the floor. The Antigravity Project then played two sets at 'The After Party' with guest Bill Spornitz on sax. Special thanks to Kristjanna Oleson, Keith Dyck, & Justin Paczkoski for joining in on Omniceros. Howard Klopak of Groove Jungle did a fantastic job of the sound.

Saturday, May 21st, 2005

Keycon 22 Sci-Fi Fantasy Conference @ the Radisson Hotel Downtown. Clayton T. Stewart, the creator, director, producer of Star Wars: The Evil Within was the guest speaker and talked about the making of the movie. The cast, crew and The Antigravity Project (Deev Nool) hosted the "Uballi Groken" hospitality suite on the main floor beside the elevators. Check out the the evil within section for more info and some cool photos of the show.

Saturday, March 19th and Sunday March 20th, 2005

World Premiere of Star Wars: The Evil Within, Ramada Conference and Entertainment Centre, 330 Garry Street (formerly the Garrick Theatres). The Antigravity Project is appearing in this locally produced fan film as the alien rock band 'Deev Nool'. Members of the band and Paulette LaFortune of Sweet Spot Productions (our manager) did some voice overs for characters in the Uballi Groken bar scene. Basil Ganglia did all of the droid voices you hear in the movie!!! We are also writing original music for the DVD release in May of this year. Check out the evil within section for more info.

Wednesdays in February 2005

Wednesday Open Mic Nite, Regal Beagle, Ramada Marlborough Hotel, 331 Smith Street. The Antigravity Project hosted this great open mic all month long!!! It was a blast. We made a few friends, worked on our acoustic set, and even showed our most recent video The Story of Metronomicon on their in-house projection screen. We'd like to thank all of the great musicians who came out and their friends too. We hope to see at our next show!!!

Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Eco Eclectica, The EcoMAFIA's Annual Fundraiser, Pyramid Cabaret, 176 Fort Street. What a great line-up! Orange Pendek, Rob Vaarmeyer, Jeremy Proctor, Serena Postel who hosted the Open Mic at the Regal Beagle in January, Four Roads Band (TAP has done a few shows with them...) and Jay Ewert, former host of the Wednesday Open Mic at the Latin Garden a few years ago. The music was great and there was a great vibe in the room... a real sense of community which is what the EcoMAFIA folks are trying to develop to make our city a better and healthier place to live!!! We all got a cookbook full of wonderful recipes compiled by the EcoMAFIA staff and volunteers. All proceeds went to CROW Inc. and the U of W Community Garden program.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
ElementSircus Winter Solstice Celebration, The Pyramid Cabaret, 176 Fort Street. This year's Winter Solstice Sircus Celebration show presented by The Absent Sound, Sweet Spot Productions, and Ragpickers Anti-Fashion Emporium, now called ElementSircus was hosted by none other than Kristen Andrews herself and partner of performance, Chris Curpen. The Antigravity Project, The D-Rangers, The Absent Sound, Mahogany Frog, Peter Baureiss and Jason McLean, tabla and sitar duo, Dave Streit and The Bomb Sniffing Dogs performed!!! Video and film montages were coordinated by Shelly Anthis and Greg Hanec. It was an action-packed night of music, games, performance art, artisan vendors and tons of fun!!! Most folks dressed up in costume too. Check out the front page coverage by Uptown Magazine.

Saturday, November 13, 2004
Regal Beagle, Ramada Marlborough Hotel, 331 Smith Street.The Antigravity Project and Tim Butler played two spectacular sets. Lots of new material and improv. This show was also video taped by Trevor and an audio board recording was captured by Paulette of Sweet Spot Productions. Suss opened in style with her brand of quirky off-the-wall songs ending with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
The Royal Albert Arms, 48 Albert Street. Run Chico Run with special guests The Antigravity Project. We opened for this dynamic duo from Victoria... what a great band!!! Two guys who switch off instruments and play the drums with one hand. Very refreshing arrangements and awesome vocals. Check this band out next time they come to Winnipeg.

Friday, October 1, 2004

ArtSonic, a UMFM 101.5 Fundraiser, Ramada Entertainment Centre, 331 Garry Street (formerly the Garrick Theatre).

ArtSonic, a methodology to 'preserve, temporarily holding free-art in a real-time harmonic'. Designed to showcase performers creating Art Music -- ArtSonic brought together a diverse assortment of musicians, filmmakers, video, still, and spoken word artists to one space for one evening of continuous entertainment.

Much has been said about Winnipeg's reputation as a centre of artistic experimentation and expression. Artist Murray Toews was in the audience last year, and so inspired by the vision of ArtSonic he offered up his skills as a video artist/animator/producer to help curate this year's show. "ArtSonic is an event that takes a cross section of hidden and general undercurrents existing within Winnipeg's alternative art and music scenes, and 'responds' by merging them into a general theme and location," says Toews.

The Antigravity Project released a new song "Metronomicon" and art music video "The Story of Metronomicon" produced by Brad Fenwick, Paulette LaFortune of Sweet Spot Productions and Richard Altman, video collage artist. Rob, Jamie, Kyra, Brett and Henri joined us on stage and performed their piece on larger than life props made by Henri Chatelain. The band played a stellar show and fun was had by all. Looking forward to next year!!!

Friday, September 17, 2004
Oikos Fundraiser. Well many of the locals have had the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality at Oikos, a co-op of musicians and artists who live together in a mansion on Wellington Crescent. The residence has run into some financial difficulty thus... the fundraiser. Hundreds of people showed support... they came, they drank and they listened to some of the finest acts in town (some of whom will be performing at ArtSonic on October 1, 2004, at the Ramada Entertainment Centre). PB & J (tabla and sitar duo), The Medicine Wheel Sessions, The Absent Sound, Mahogany Frog and The Antigravity Project provided the entertainment. It was a great party and one of our best shows all year!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2004
Raspberry Blue Moon Masquerade, St. Norbert Art Centre Fundraiser. Fellow musicians Dunkutoo opened the evening's festivities followed by a surreal set by The Antigravity Project. What a great venue... playing under the stars on a full moon!!! Just the sort of thing that TAP loves!!! Graham from Mahogany Frog did the sound and was absolutely stellar. We are happy to have had the opportunity to play to such a receptive audience and support the local arts community. Thank you SNAC!!!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Regal Beagle, Ramada Marlborough Hotel, 331 Smith Street. Keith Dyck opened and he was stellar. Would love to play another gig with him soon!!! We ended up playing one looooong set with guests Keith Dyck, Tim Butler and Hamish Gavin... all real progheads!!! It was lots of fun!!! We even sold a few discs!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Two Weeks Till Folk Fest Party!!! West End Cultural Centre, 586 Ellice Avenue at Sherbrook. Wow!!! What a party!!! Dunkutoo got tribal, and The Antigravity Project played a true progressive rock set (4 songs) to an appreciative and NEW crowd!!! As for Four Roads Band, they rocked the house as they always do and everyone got a little taste of Folk Festival magic!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

9th Annual ILRC Family Kite Festival 2004, Assiniboine Park. Our first outdoor stage of the summer... and of course we were lucky enough to have a summer shower!!! Sound Art had to tear down the PA system for safety reasons and most of the audience left. We decided to play anyways and did a stellar instrumental set. The sun did come out after the show and we had a blast!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2004, 9:00 am

Star Wars: The Evil Within, Uballi Groken Bar Scene Shoot @ the Graffiti Gallery, 109 Higgins Ave. The shooting of our scene went well. The set was decorated with works by local Winnipeg artists. Baz and Brad were in character and Cory Toews did a fantastic job on our makeup. We'd like to thank Darren Charron for sitting in as our drummer!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2004
Keycon 21 Sci-Fi Fantasy Conference @ the Radisson Hotel Downtown (poster). The crew of Star Wars: The Evil Within and Basil Ganglia of The Antigravity Project attended a 2-hour panel presentation at Keycon 21 on the making of the film and soundtrack.

Thursday, January 22, 2004
Hal Anderson and Power 97 at the The Rum Jungle (corner of Plessis and Regent). Chris Reid, one of the new cast members of "Star Wars: The Evil Within" entered the cast and crew into a draw for one of Hal's Huts (one of Hal's VIP lounges). We won and so 25 of us were invited to go to The Rum Jungle to partake in an evening of festivities which included free food and chances to win other prizes! We we there and of course we just had to give Hal one of our press kits!

Saturday, January 17, 2004
The Royal Albert Arms, 48 Albert Street. Nowheretogo of Conifera Records and The Antigravity Project of Progspiracy Music opened for math rock band Ham! It was Ham's 8th year anniversary party. It was a great turnout! TAP played their best show to date. We want to personally thank the sound tech Mike Wright of Fringe Audio for doing a stellar job!!!

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Pyramid Cabaret, 176 Fort Street. Presented by The Absent Sound, Ragpickers and Sweet Spot Productions. What a blast... well over 200 people and at least half of them in costume!!! The Antigravity Project had a great show with two video montages (there were supposed to be three, but the projector crapped out on us for our last piece) and guest appearances by Freya Olafson from the School of Contemporary Dance, Denny Moznar (The Antigravity Project's original drummer and co-writer of the lyrics on Annuit Corruptus), opera singer Sara-Kim Moran, throat singer Roger Fournier, and didgeridoo player Jason McLean. Guest poi dancers and performance pieces by Victoria Prince, Chris Poruchnyk and Paulette LaFortune were also incorporated into our set!!! It was absolute chaos!!! The Absent Sound was spectacular as were all of the other key performers, such as Stiltwalker Brian Longfield and performing artists Kristen Andrews (of Ragpickers) and Mike Sanders who performed the Matador Mating Dance. We also played musical chairs and had a huge drum jam at the end of the night to bring in the solstice!!!

Special thanks to our hosts Victoria Prince and Mynor The Irrational for doing such a fine job, Todd Ellis and Lisette Savard for doing lights, and Martin Hebert, our sound tech, for keeping his cool! We can't forget Dave McKeigan, manager of The Pyramid Cabaret. Thanks for having us Dave!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2003

The Barca Club Cabaret and Billiards, 423 McMillan. Hybrid Thursdaze. Barca Club music revival!!! The Antigravity Project opened and played some material from 'Annuit Corruptus' and a few 'Phlog' grooves. DJ Gibson was in fine form and entertained us for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, Grant Paley wasn't able to spin because he had a late practice with Moses Mayes!

Friday, October 31 / 2003 and November 1 / 2003

Regal Beagle @ The Ramada Malborough Hotel. One Day September and Blueprint Gallery hosted this Halloween weekend. Prizes were given away for the 3 best costumes! The Antigravity Project played on October 31st with guest Bill Spornitz on saxophone. We played a few songs from our new album 'Annuit Corruptus' and jammed on 'Life'.

On November 1st, Four Roads Band, a great instrumental rock band with jazz, funk, latin, and blues influences ended off the night with a sweet set!

Saturday, September 27 / 2003

Academy Coffee Co., 8 pm - 1 am. Another 'Mosquito Cafe' presented by Mind Our Planet Productions, Inc. and sponsored by Sweet Spot Productions. Net proceeds to Concerned Residents of Winnipeg (CROW), Inc. "Working to protect you and your loved ones from pesticides". The line-up in order:

Marianne Cerille (poetry reading)
Jay Ewert (progressive folk)
J. Williamez (folk / rock)
Peter Baureiss and Jason McLean (tabla and sitar duo)
Rob Vaarmeyer (folk / bluegrass / eastern atmospheric)
The Antigravity Project (progressive rock)
Four Roads Band (fusion / rock)

This was a benefit to raise awareness about the use of harmful chemicals such as malathion to fight our favorite insect. We enjoyed great music and poetry while supporting what we believe is a very serious health concern for everyone, especially our children and pets. Check out these sites for more information:
Friday, September 26 / 2003

Autumn Art/Music Expo 2003, UMFM 101.5 Fundraiser, Ramada Entertainment Centre (formerly the Garrick Theatre, a fully licensed exhibition space) 8 pm to 1 am.

Video enhanced performances by:

Vav Jungle
Absent Sound
David Street and Kevin Hilliard
The Antigravity Project
Moment Device

Art displays by: Plugin, aceart, Graffiti Gallery, Video Pool, SNAC, Gallery One One One, and Urban Shaman

The Antigravity Project released their debut album 'Annuit Corruptus' at this show along with an interpretive video co-produced by Sweet Spot Productions and local video editor Richard Altman. The band played live to the video while Paulette LaFortune conducted. Jason McLean, covered in clay and decorative paint, played didgeridoo naked for the opening segue! Kristjanna Oleson joined the band on electric violin for the rest of the show... and we nailed the ending!!!

Sunday, August 31 / 2003
The Pyramid Cabaret. We were invited by local experimental prog band Mahogany Frog to open the night. The Mike Petkau Band and Awkward Silence also performed. The show was hosted by Teargas Recording Tree, a collective out of Saskatchewan.

Saturday, August 16 / 2003
The Sherbrook Street Festival. This was the very first one! We played from 1:30 to 2:30 pm and had a great time. Other performers included Phat Shack, The Perpetrators, Uncle Louis, Dan Frechette and more. We'd love to play again next year!

Friday, July 25 and Saturday, July 26 / 2003
Bryce Fest. For more details go to www.buckethitch.com This was the very first one! The concert took place on Bryce Krenz's property outside Winnipeg. Camping, firepits, etc. Bands played until the wee hours of the morning and so did the audience! Bryce Fest 2004 promises to be even bigger and better!

June 6 and 7 / 2003
"Operation Help Iraq" Benefit Concert, The Regal Beagle @ The Ramada Marlborough Hotel.
Friday, June 6: Michael Cook, Angela Nespiak, The Guardians, Lin Hiebert, Mike Petkau, Jake Chenier, Alana Levandoski
Saturday, June 7: No Lifeguard on Duty, The Polyester Project, No Reason, Yy And The Gumshoe Strut, Shades Of None, Antigravity, Killah Green.

Thursday, June 5 / 2003
The Zoo (poster). Sponsored by UMFM 101.5 and Sweet Spot Productions. We were the headlining act. Alverstone formally called Red Light District opened the night followed by another cool prog/fusion band Come the Dawn. Love to do it again!

Friday, May 30 / 2003
Gino's @ The Charleswood Hotel (poster). This was a very comfy room to play... kind of like playing in your livingroom! Thistle opened and guest Karen Taylor joined us on flute.

May 16-18 / 2003
Keycon 20 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention @ The Radisson Hotel Downtown (poster). The band played during the costume masquerade with guest Bill Spornitz on sax! We also made our own costumes for the show, a post-apocalyptic kind of theme. Check out the photo gallery to see some pix! Afterwards, we hung out at the 'Short Plank' for a few brew and hot food! We met a lot of interesting people and hope to play this event again next year!

Thursday, May 15 / 2003
The Zoo (poster). This was a Power 97 sponsored show. We opened. Local alternative rock band Driver went on next followed by the headlining act Hollywood Records band Forty Foot Echo. We were very excited to play to a completely new audience and a full house! Special thanks to Mark Chaplin who did a fantastic job on sound!

Wednesday, April 30 / 2003
Latin Garden (across from U of W on Portage). This was host Jay Ewert's send off party and his very last gig at the Latin Garden! Mynor The Irrational performed his gruesome feats of bravery and trippy prog band Mahogany Frog also played. Great vibe! Special thanks to Jay Ewert for supporting the local indie music scene for over a year! We will miss you Jay!

Thursday, April 24th / 2003
The Orbit Room (poster). The show opened with Peter Baureiss and Jason McLean, tabla and sitar duo and belly dancer Jamiila Rajshani. Antigravity played a full set with guest Bill Spornitz on sax. Brad, Jason and Peter performed one of Brad's new songs "Harrem Gha" followed by some atmospheric improv.

Friday, March 28 / 2003
The Royal Albert Arms Hotel (our poster) (their poster). The band opened for Mahogany Frog and The Absent Sound who were kicking off their mini western tour. It was also a triple CD release party! Antigravity released 'Phlogiston I' the first CD in a series called 'Phlogiston'. Our manager Paulette LaFortune hosted the evening and also did a performance art piece during our 16-minute song "Orwellian Nightmare Revealed".

Wednesday, March 26 / 2003
U of W, Riddell Cafeteria, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm (poster). We entertained the students during their lunch hour.

Tuesday, March 18 / 2003
The Evolution of the Scene #5, Wise Guys on Campus, 8 pm - 11 pm. Hosted by Screemin' Chix Productions and Winnipeg Harvest. The line-up in no particular order: The Velvet Pill, Pope's Hill, Infraction, Joe Karma, The Barry G. Player Band, Mind Altering State of Being, Trousermouth, The Shaman, Neal Pinto, weatherHead, Rainside, Driver, Joe Curtis and Remote Soul, Jay Ewert, Sodomizing Sara(h), Brat Attack and Mynor the Irrational. Antigravity played 3 songs with a performance piece by Paulette LaFortune during one of the songs and special effects during another. Loads of fun!

Wednesday, February 26 / 2003
Latin Garden (across from U of W on Portage) (poster). The show opened with host and progressive folk artist Jay Ewert. Antigravity played two sets. Sir Fenwick performed a formal ceremony where he proclaimed Sir Peter Baureiss as the band's new drummer with a beautiful metal sword forged by Peter around 10 years ago. It was so much fun that Sir Fenwick proceeded to anoint Sir Basil Ganglia and Lady Sweet Spot (Paulette LaFortune). The guys are now known as 'The Nights of the Floating Table of Antigravity'. To top things off, super group Burnt surprised everyone by playing a few songs between sets. What a night!

Sunday, February 23 / 2003
JOHNNY G'S, CLUB 58 (poster). Sweet Spot Productions hosted the grand opening night and the band performed for the first time in 2003 with our new drummer Peter Baureiss. The room was charged! Guest Bill Spornitz played sax during the first set. The show drew some media attention. Joyanne Pursaga, freelance writer for newwinnipeg.com interviewed Brad and reviewed the show Peace, Luv, and Aliens. The A-Channel dropped in and the footage was later aired on News @ Night. Special thanks to Eric Leblanc for videotaping the first 2 sets and Paulette LaFortune of Sweet Spot Productions, our manager, for putting this show together and generating such an interest in our music and message! We look forward to the rest of the year!

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Wednesday, Oct 16 / 2002
Latin Garden (across from U of W on Portage) (poster). We played our first show with Martin Samoiloff on drums and did some proggy, spacy, funky, jazzy, new stuff with Paulette LaFortune joining us to sing one of her new songs "Life is Like That".

Wednesday, Aug 7 / 2002
Latin Garden (across from U of W on Portage) (poster). Antigravity played all the songs from our unrelease CD Annuit Corruptus. Providence also performed for the first time in 8 years with former members Basil, Ben and Todd.

Wednesday, July 17 / 2002
Latin Garden (across from U of W on Portage) (poster). Another great show a day after the Folkfest! Special thanks to Paulette LaFortune and Jay Ewert for re-working the stage wiring and doing the sound.

Wednesday, June 26 / 2002
Latin Garden (across from U of W on Portage) (our poster) (Jay Ewert's poster).We headlined this show organized by Sweet Spot Productions. Mountain Over Water, Leningrad Sky, and Jay Ewert also played. We had a great time and love to gig here again soon!

Saturday, June 1st / 2002
Westland Carnival Beer Gardens. An outdoor venue at the old Red River Exhibition grounds at McPhillips and Jarvis (across the street from the McPhillips St. Station). The show was organized by Sweet Spot Productions and Brad Fenwick of Antigravity. The Tornado Seeds and Jamoeba also played.

Friday, April 12th / 2002
The Crow Bar (poster). We played 2 sets. This was the first time we brought our 'antipiano' (the inside of an old piano) to a show. It is played with mallets for weird sound effects.

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September 20 / 2001
The Zoo (The Osborne Village Inn). We played with Slowjam and Low Ball.

August 18 / 2001
The Pyramid Cabaret, Decadence (an all-genres party). We played with Suturefugue, Terra Bellum, and Belligerent. This show was hosted by Night Shade Promotions and Mercedes Music.

July 28 / 2001
The Zoo (The Osborne Village Inn). We opened for Joe Karma and had a great time. Love to play with them again!

July 21 / 2001
Bumpers (The Black Knight) (poster). We headlined for Tomfoolery. This was our first show since we started recording Annuit Corruptus. Richard Altman joined us on drums and percussion. We opened with a drum jam and then did some new (unnamed) material. We played to an interesting audience comprised of our friends and a few members of the Hell's Angels! The show was videotaped by Sebastian Capone.

February 3 / 2001
Bumpers (The Black Knight). We played with a band called Needlefish. We have fond memories of blowing out the bar's sound system twice during the show.

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December 16 / 2000
The Royal Albert Arms Hotel. We played with Human Reverb and Uncle Donny. Special thanks to our guest Bill Spornitz who played alto saxophone.

November 17 / 2000
The Royal Albert Arms Hotel (poster). We played with Buckethitch and Justin and the Jumper Cables. This show was video taped as well thanks to Sebastian Capone.

September 14 / 2000
The Zoo (The Osborne Village Inn). We played with Scratchin' Cactus and Human Reverb. This show was video taped.

August 5 / 2000
The Royal Albert Arms Hotel. We played with Justin and the Jumper Cables and Human Reverb (local prog hard rock heros).

July 6 / 2000
The Royal Albert Arms Hotel (our poster) (Justin's poster). We played with Buckethitch and Justin and the Jumper Cables. Live recordings were made and will be available for free download whenever we get around to processing them!

January 20 / 2000
Our first jam at the Lenore Street studio with guitar / synth guru Basil Ganglia. Some 30 odd jams or so later we played our first live show together on July 6 / 2000.

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